We were booked for three days at Caloundra, but scored another 2 days although we had to swap sites. School holidays have finished for Queensland and a few spots are available as we start to slowly head south towards Melbourne.

A former workmate now lives near Caloundra and it is good to catch up while on the Sunshine Coast. Trying to fit in visiting a few friends while in Queensland takes a little juggling, although we do seem to fit most of them in each year.

A few walks, a few bike rides and just general relaxing filled in five days at Caloundra.

Caloundra 1 816 Pixels

The sea hawk allowed us to get very close for a photo while feeding

We did experience six parachutists come in for a perfect landing on the beach, some were solo and some were tandem. Very interesting seeing them come in on a gusty day. They looked like they were coming in for a fast landing, but at the last moment they turn into the wind for a very gentle touchdown.

Caloundra 11 816 Pixels


Caloundra 14 816 Pixels

Boardwalks and concrete walkways provide a flat foreshore experience

Checking out the local display homes also filled in an afternoon, it is a nice way to see the latest home designs.

Off to Brisbane tommorrow to visit my sister Alison.


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