Sea Cliff Bridge

We were on the road just before 9.00am as we wanted to be through Sydney before lunchtime. Everything went smoothly although it is a little stressful, one wrong turnoff or a missed instruction from the GPS and things could get very ugly. Lots of traffic lights, although we sailed straight through 80% of them. Traffic was moderate most of the time, although we did strike a little heavy traffic on a couple of sections. Sticking to the middle lane or at least one lane off the left edge of the road does help as the left lane does tend to be a little narrower a lot of the time and a few trees seem to be just that little bit close for comfort, are overhanging the outer lane as well.

To drive the Sea Cliff Bridge at Clifton has been on my bucket list for a while and I wasn’t going to miss this opportunity. The road down off the highway was a little steep and winding, we just drove steadily. Dianne doesn’t like bridges or heights, so I failed to mention this as we drove over the bridge hanging out over the edge of a cliff with the Pacific Ocean below. You actually don’t get to see much as you drive over it, the only solution, set up camp at nearby Coledale, have lunch and come back for a better look.

Sea Cliff Bridge 7 816 Pixels

Dianne was too preoccupied taking photos to realise where she was.

Sea Cliff Bridge 2 816 Pixels

Dianne was a little apprehensive, with just a little coaxing she had a wonderful time, very high bridge railings to keep everyone safe, Dianne and I walked over and back, nothing to worry about.

Sea Cliff Bridge 5 816 Pixels

A constant stream of people were walking over the bridge.

Sea Cliff Bridge 6 816 Pixels

Coledale 1 816 Pixels

A keen fisherman, rough seas and the tide was about to turn, he was staying well away from freak waves crashing onto the flat rock shelf. It didn’t take much imagination to see how people could get themselves into trouble at times.

Coledale 3 816 Pixels

Lots of rock formations walking along the rock ledges along the bottom of the many cliff faces.

Coledale 8 816 Pixels

Another coal seam extending right to the beachfront.

Just an overnight stop at Coledale, we are heading to Batemans Bay tommorrow, what will we find there.


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