Potato Point (Beachcomber Holiday Park)

We set off for Batemans Bay around 9.00am, no problem navigating around Wollongong. The road south started off as two lanes, a few roadworks and then good single lane highway. Lots of different terrain to contend with, but lots to see. It is a shame that we do not have time to seriously check out all that the south east coast of New South Wales has to offer. We arrived in Batemans Bay right on lunch time. Too early to stop so we headed south for another hour after lunch and ended up at Potato Point at the Beachcombers Holiday Park at the mouth of the Tuross River. An isolated area in a national park. The last 2km’s was on a good solid road with no potholes, but boy was it rough, first gear all the way.

We had the choice of sites as there were only four other vans about, all we had to deal with were the kangaroos, plenty of them, but they were very tame. You could almost walk right up to them.

Beachcombers Beach 9 816 Pixels

Kangaroos outnumber the guests

Beachcombers Beach 7 816 Pixels

Kangaroos just making themselves at home

As the name suggests, there is lots of beach, it is approxiamately 2km to the mouth of the river from the park along some pristine beach. Tuross Head is on the other side of the river, although to reach it by road would be a 20km drive.

Beachcombers Beach 1 816 Pixels

Two deep channels and a couple of sand bars seperate me from Tuross Head and prevent me from going any further.

Tommorrow should see us setup camp on the banks of the Snowy River at Orbost, 100km east of the NSW/ Vic border.


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