On the Banks of the Snowy River

On the road at 9.00am, we are travelling to the Snowy River, just off the Princes Highway today. It is a reasonable drive of 350km, we didn’t take into account that while the road is in good condition, driving was not fast by any standards, plenty of changing scenery, but up and down some windy roads all took time. We stopped to top up with water, grab some supplies and had lunch in Bega, all that probably took two hours. Back on the road we didn’t arrive at the Snowy River until after 4.00pm

There are several campsites on both sides of the river. You can access either side of the river at Orbost. We stayed to the northeast side of the river on the road that heads to Marlo. The road is only metres from the river only seperated by a line of trees. the campsites are only small, some had room for a small camper or two, some had lots of large overhanging trees. As always seems to be the case, the last one was the one we chose as there was some grass and no overhanging limbs.

Snowy River 2 816 Pixels

A reasonably level grassed area between the road and the river in a quiet country setting

Snowy River 4 816 Pixels

What more could you wish for, a free camp on the river, less than ten minutes off the highway

We have travelled through lots of country and seaside locations along the east coast heading from Sydney to Melbourne. We have not had time to explore at all, we plan to stop at the Sale Showground for a couple of days before one last stop at the Berwick Showground for three nights. We really only came this way to see what was on offer. Two or three weeks at a minimum would be needed to do this area justice and late February to mid April would be an ideal time. We have been very lucky with the weather, I am still in shorts until now, we may get one more fine day if we are lucky, but the forecast doesn’t look as good for the last few days of our holiday.


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