Another early start today, we want to get to the Sale Showground early today, rain is expected late afternnon, we need to do some washing and get it dry before it rains. It didn’t when we had to wait for a fuel tanker to get out of the way at Bruthen so we could fill up with diesel. A quick setup, straight to laundrette, washing done and yes we did get it dry, as it was very windy, although we had a couple of small showers.

Sale 3 816 Pixels

How would you like to drive this motorhome around Australia

Sale 4 816 Pixels

A great firepot 

Day two at Sale was just checking out what the town had to offer, just a lazy day really with a walk around the botanical gardens.

Botanical Gardens 1 816 Pixels

We also had a look at the historical Swing Bridge on the outskirts of Sale. It has been fully restoredto working order and it is opened at selected times each week. It has just been repaired again after vandals jammed the turning mechanism and caused over a hundred thousand dollars damage.

Swinging Bridge Sale 5 816 pixels

Swinging Bridge Sale 2 816 Pixels

Swinging Bridge Sale 3 816 Pixels

We are heading to the Berwick Showground tommorrow, it is only 50km to the Spirit terminal. Rain is forecast for the next few days, lets hope it doesn’t hinder us for our last few days near Melbourne.


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