Hi from Chris and Dianne, we have just joined WordPress and I (Chris) am planning to keep a record of our travels around this great country.

Chris and my firepot 25%

Relaxing at Judds Lagoon, Qld with the trusty firepot

Dianne on the exercise bike 25%

Dianne checking out the exercise equipment at Port Macquarie (didn’t see me with the camera)

At present I am still working on a seasonal basis (maximum 10 months/year) which suits me perfectly as we plan to have an annual pilgramage north to the warmer states of Australia.

The blog was started in March 2015, but our journey begins in June 2011 and some blog posts will be pre dated when added to give the whole story.

June 2015

The previous trips are mostly done. It has been a struggle to remember when and where we have been, but I am glad that I have documented our earlier trips as it will be good to look back on and I have learnt some of the finer points of WordPress.


13 thoughts on “About

  1. Good to see another Ultima Express. We [Ted & Denice) bought ours last year – probably a year before we were ready, but 2nd hand combination too good to let go.
    At present at Gold Coast after Yeppoon and heading back to Melbourne.
    27RK unit has slide out problems – one motor with broken leads can see but cannot reach. Will fix when back.
    Will make more contact when I figure out best way.
    Cheers for now



    • Hi Ted, I have had slideout mechanism completely out. I had a bearing fail and needed to remove completely to fix. I cut a wire when I assembled it. I then had to remove the bracket that mounts to the van and roll it along slideout,fix wire and roll it back in. I use sikaflex windscreen sealant to help hold every thing together. By using windscreen selant, everything can be removed again later when needed. Use the wrong stuff and you may do damage removing it.


  2. My slide out is in and will stay in until I get home. I am trying to figure how to slide it out so that I can reach motor. I am thinking a couple of pieces of 4×2 on floor and use hydraulic car jack to slowly lever out by countering against cupboard floor line and under carpet wood line on slide. Just applying force by two people doesn’t seem to budge it. Any suggestions ?

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  3. Hi Ted, first of all you need tolift both motors up after removing a small locking screw above top slideout rail. The motors have a brake in them. If you only need to repair broken wire you will only need pull slideout out about 300 – 400mm (more may be better) and remove bracket down the wall. Care must be taken to hold slideout up and secure. Give me a bit of time and I will share some photos and youtube videos. I did see you active on fifth wheelers discussion group on the Caravanners Forum. Search Scwhintek on the forum and Youtube and you may beat me to it.


  4. Thanks Chris
    The trouble is I can’t reach the motor to unlock and lift, the distance is about 950mm and my arm is way shorter
    I have good documentation that previous owner left re slideout and Ive been on website to getter details.
    I will still need to manually push out.
    What I don’t get is why the wires have been torn at motor.
    It almost seems as if the motor is loose and twisted around , but then it would also have sheared two locating pins which I cannot conceive. Trickey one.
    I’ve disconnected motors at control so bakes will be off.also get error codes that tell me the obvious . I can manually activate RHMotor alone, but trying hard to manually push LH side to start slide out won’t budge it.
    As I push it looks as if whole motor casing is trying to turn.
    Hence plan A when we get back.
    Very frustrating.
    Makes me think the design should have included some mechanical crank override
    Weather is better though


  5. He Chris

    Great blog. Love the way you had to bring the 5th wheeler back home…! I can only imagine the strange looks you would have got from unsuspecting caravan park owners…!

    I also love the layout and theme you’re using. Very stylish.



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  6. Have started following you and look forward to your updates. We are in Tassie until January 9th 2017 and then have to head back to Perth for a family reunion. In March we head back to SA and then in April we go to the Stone The Crows Festival in Wagga Wagga. We may see you on the road sometime.

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