Google My Maps Tutorial

Create a Google Account

Google maps is my go to application for keeping track of my travels. To access all the features I use a laptop computer and use Google Chrome as my prefered browser. As yet I haven’t used Google Chrome on my Ipad and as such I don’t get the best out of Google My Maps.

You first need to create a Google Account and Access Google Drive  to be able to create your own map and then access it again later

Use My Drive

I use “My Drive” in my Google account to save all my maps. When logged on to your Google Account you select the My Drive app and select “new”, move down to “more” and then select “Google My Maps”. Then click on “untitled map”. You can name it something suitable and then save it. In the picture below you can also open any previously saved map.

My Drive 816 pixels

To create a new map, select “new”, “more”, “Google My Maps” and save a new name


My Maps Tutorials

Below is a link to lesson 1 of seven short videos to get the to get the most out of My Maps.The first four are to get you started. The next three are for the more advanced which doesn’t include me. I like to save these little videos to help others but I know I can watch them myself from time to time as there is always something that I have not been doing.

Seven lessons for creating a My Maps