Sygic Offline GPS

I have recently installed an in dash GPS that utilises the Android operating system in my ute. This page is to help me remember how to use certain features. If it helps others, that is a bonus. It will be a work in progress as I find other features. A lot of the screenshots are from a Samsung Galaxy S7 with Sygic loaded on it as well. It is exactly the same on any Android device, but it is easier to get screenshots to my laptop.

Sending GPS coordinates straight from Wikicamps to Sygic

One of the best features of Sygic offline maps is the ability to send Wikicamps coordinates straight into Sygic without having to manually enter them. (This feature doesn’t work with an Iphone/Ipad with Sygic.)

Wikicamps to Sygic Screenshot 1 816 pixels.png

Open Wikicamps, find the campsite or dump point, etc, open the site, click on the “Get Directions” icon.


Wikicamps to Sygic Screenshot 2 816 pixels

A new widow opens, click on the “Sygic” icon.


Wikicamps to Sygic Screenshot 4 816 pixels

Select the route option that suits you. Click on “Start”.

No need to write down the address or GPS cordinates and enter them into a GPS.


Inserting GPS coordinates.

While being able to send Wikicamps locations straight into Sygic will make entering GPS coordinates less likely, I still think I need to know how to do it. I may even need to use the “Camps” book one day.

Wikicamps Screenshot 1 816 pixels

A screenshot from Wikicamps to show Coordinates format. This is the same as the Camps books


Sygic Screenshot 2 816 pixels

In an Android device click on (city or postal code) first and then click on the 3 blue dots in the upper right hand corner when it appears.


Sygic Screenshot 4 816 pixels

Choose which format coordinates at top. Use a minus sign for first digit in Latitude and just leave a gap instead of  °,  ‘,  “. The decimal point and last digit are optional. The degrees format on the left at the top is the same as Google maps.


Sygic Screenshot 5 816 pixels

How entered coordinates look, no “S” or “E”, a negative (-) to start off the Latitude and just a space between figures. It took a long time to work out how to get this right, this is why I added to my blog in case I forget. Then hit the “OK” button at the top on the right.