Snugger Diesel Heater

The Snugger diesel heater is without doubt the best extra I have fitted to my 5th wheeler. Deciding where to fit the diesel heater requires a lot of thought, especially when it requires cutting a hole in the floor of the van. I decided to fit the main unit under the oven with the inlet directly under the oven with the heat outlet under the fridge. This placed the inlet approxiamately 1m away from the outlet allowing for good circulation.

Snugger Under Stove 816 pixels

In the original fit, the installation was done through the wooden panel with the intake in it. Why I didn’t remove the stove does make me wonder. I removed the stove to replace a glow plug

The biggest thing I had to contend with was having the exhaust near fibreglass sandwich panel with a styrofoam core.

Snugger from underneath 2 25%

40mm of styrofoam is a major fire hazard, no shortcuts on safety here

Snugger shroud 1 25%

Two layers of stainless steel with an air gap help keep the heat away from the van floor

Snugger 2nd shroud 1 25%

75 x 75 x 3mm RHS cut down make up the final heat shroud

Snugger all fitted up 25%

The diesel pump with original rubber mount

Snugger Shroud fitted 1 25%

Three layers of steel keep the heat from the exhaust away from styorofoam in the floor panelling

Diesel Tank 1 25%

My diesel tank for my heater, made from 100 x100 aluminium , 2100mm long, holds over 20 litres of diesel although I usually only have it three quaters full. If I made a new tank, the filler would be in the middle and the spout would be a little higher as diesel sometimes leaks out breather in filler cap, not much but it does attract dust. It all fits neatly on original bumper, held on with some home made straps.

Diesel Tank 2 25%

Filler cap with breather and tap fitted just inside chassis rail, all bits were sourced off Ebay.

Diesel Pump Mounts 816 pixels

The rubber mounts to the fuel pump were upgraded. The original mounts (top of picture) were very firm and caused a lot of ticking noise inside the van. The new mounts (bottom of picture) are very flexible and virtually eliminated all the ticking sounds when the heater was working, especially at night in the dead of the night. Call Graeme Yost 0418130971 in Tasmania, he sells the rubber mounts as well as flexible rubber hoses if you would like to upgrade.

New Rubber Mount 2 816 pixels

Some minor changes to the protective shrouds were needed to add the new rubber mounts

Replacing Glow Plug


Glow Plug 2 816 pixels

Covers removed and control module lifted up

Glow Plug 1 816 pixels

14mm deep socket with a slot cut in it with 4″ angle grinder and dodgy glow plug laying on top of heater and new glow plug already fitted