TV Modifications

Main TV

Cables running everywhere has always been a bugbear of mine and with the main TV above the office desk it always looked untidy. After I decided to run a HDMI splitter to run both TV’s at the same time even if they are both on the same channel, it was time to tidy up all the cables. While I had the covers off the bottom of the van to rewire the 12v section of the fridge, I ran a 7.5m HDMI cable to the TV in the bedroom and a new 12v cable to hook up 3 12v outlets and a double USB port.


The invertor and the Vastbox for the satellite TV along with the HDMI splitter and 3 HDMI cables and a USB power supply instead of one on top of office desk, it was time to tidy things up.


A 60mm cable grommet in the rear corner of the desk to hide any excess cable out of site under the desk.

60mm Grommet


There is still plenty of cables in view but it is a vast improvement

Bedroom TV

The bedroom TV has always been a little low to watch while in bed so I have decided to lift it up by 205mm, which is as high as possible and still remove tv off the wall for travelling I can using a small piece of 3mm aluminium and repositioning the swivel arm 75mm higher on the wall bracket mount.

Bedroom TV 3 25%.jpg

A 280mm x 120mm x3mm piece of aluminium and movingt he arm 75mm on the wall mount was all that was required to lift the TV.


Bedroom TV 4 25%


Bedroom TV 5 25%

The lifted TV back on the wall, cables everywhere including the new HDMI cable for the satellite TV.

I will now be able to wake up to Kochie on Sunrise without getting a stiff neck.