2010 Evergreen Ultima 5th Wheeler

Our 5th wheeler was purchased after much research and finally seeing them in person at the Melbourne Caravan Show in 2011 and again at Agfest near Carrick Tasmania in early May 2011.

Tania Kernaghan gives the Evergreen Ultima a plug

After deciding that they were out of our price range and we would hopefully find a 2nd hand one in good condition at a reduced price. After keeping an eye on the internet, low and behold, a brand new one came up for sale at a great price in Queensland but it had to be paid for and collected before the end of financial year. No tow vehicle and the Japanese tsunami effectively meant no new ute until late August at the earliest.

Making sure prime mover was not going to damage 5th wheeler

Making sure prime mover was not going to damage 5th wheeler

Some quick measuring and a little bit of luck, our new 5th wheeler would fit behind our Volvo prime mover. We packed everything that would fit into the sleeper section of the cab and off we went. A trip to Queensland, a holiday for 4 weeks and more attention than we could ever of expected, a steep learning curve almost 2000km from home and we were officially grey nomads.

Packing our new rig and learning what went where

The first 2 days were spent transferring everything from truck to the van and learning how things worked and where things went. It is amazing how much “stuff” can be fitted into the sleeper cab.

Repairs to Slideout (for Ted)

The below photo shows the locating screw hole after screw removed. The screw has a square head that require a special tool bit. I used a phillips head to remove (it wasn’t tight) and bought the square bit for installation. The screw can be removed with slideout approx 400mm out. It is located behind rubber seal. Remove the screw and the motor can be lifted approx 15mm to make slideout mechanism move along tracks freely. This is done before removing anything else.

Schwintek Slideout motor 1 25%

Slideout side bracket half removed. The slideout must be completely supported as this bracket takes the weight on one end. Stabiliser legs should also be down to stop van rocking. As far as I can see, this wall bracket must be removed off the van wall and slid along track to remove motor. There is 4 locating pins on motor that take the load. The locating screw just holds it in place.

Schwintek Slideout

Slideout motor removed. Note the elongated holes in motor. This is where locating screws slot into to. The locating screw just stops motor from lifting up. (please double check, going on memory). Also note which direction wires face for re installation. There is minimal room to work in and may be frustrating.Schwintek Slideout motor 4 25%

Slideout mechanism, note the roller. There are 4 rollers that take the weight of slideout when stationary and when moving in and out. 2 each side. 1 on top track,1 on bottom track.

Schwintek Slideout bearing and roller 25%

What happens when a bearing collapses. I just replaced bearing the first time. All was OK for a while but in the end I had to place track where the collapsed bearing was located. The track only had a small amount of wear in retracted position but it caused slideout to bind up when initially starting to slide out from the retracted position. All other times was smooth.

Schwintek Slideout worn track 25%

Windscreen sealant was used as sealant to hold main brackets and tracks to slideout and van wall. It was easy to remove the second time without doing damage to fibreglass panels.

Schwintek Slideout 2 25%

Two paint scrapers to remove slideout to remove tracks. I thought they would spread the load over fibreglass panels better than a screwdriver.

Schwintek Slideout paint scraper 25%


18 thoughts on “2010 Evergreen Ultima 5th Wheeler

  1. Thanks Chris
    Excellent photos and advice.
    I must remember to take photos when I tackle it. I understand a lot more now thanks to you, but will wait till we get back. I still have to figure how to push out 400 mm or so.
    Again, many thanks



  2. Ted, read the instructions on the slide out motor controller ( located in with the water pump ). use a pen to push the internal button 6 times then push and hold until the light flashes. This puts the motors into manual mode so you can retract or extend the slide out

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  3. It sounds like you had a very steep learning curve, at our age we certainly didn’t need anything like that so we decided to buy our van new from people we knew through the family and it’s worked a treat hardly any problems at all and the ones we’ve had were very small

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  4. Setting up the ute with a tray and adding extras to the 5th wheeler is all 2nd nature for me, all it took was lots of time, I have a well stocked workshop and by having all the right tools, you are halfway there. My biggest learning curve was learning how to use WordPress. Lots of Youtube videos, trial and error, but if it was easy everyone would be doing it.


  5. Hi Chris and Dianne,
    Found your site by accident an am glad I did,I had seen photos of your Volvo and Ultima, but didn’t know any more.
    I have an 2011 Ultima,this is the sixth fifth wheeler we’ve owned, but it is the first second hand one.
    As you know Evergreen has gone out of business and it is virtually impossible to get information on anything about the van,I am trying to locate the vertical external sliding sealing rubbers on the slide out, but the ex dealer here on the Gold Coast keeps telling me (we have them on order) but I don’t think they are too interested any more, I am trying to procure the build plans for the 27 RK but can’t find anything in the USA ,with the complete plans it will be much easier to do work on the vans I’m having a problem with a leak in the roof and with the toilet.
    It may be a good idea to have all Ultima owners to form a chapter within the CMCA to exchange ideas and tips.
    Anyway mate if you know where I can obtain the slide out rubbers I would be grateful to hear from you,
    Kind regards
    Bert and Kerri Winterswyk

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    • Hi Bert, I have ordered parts via the dealer on the Gold Coast, I have had good and average dealings with them. There is a group on Facebook called “Fifth Wheeling Around Australia”, lots of great information on there. There are several Ultima owners on there as well.
      There wouldn’t be enough Ultimas to to start a CMCA Chapter, but there is a 5th wheeler Special Interest Group (SIG). Crocodile Wheelers, Garden State Wheelers and Devil Wheelers and also one from NSW are 5th wheeler chapters in CMCA.
      I can’t help you with rubbers, maybe check out Ballarat based dealer of 5th wheelers.


      • Thanks Chris,
        I have been trying to get in touch with Michael Vowels in the states, to see if there are any build plans or wiring diagrams available, and the dealer in Ballarat doesn’t have these rubbers either,I know all the chapters for 5th wheelers, I have been a member of CMCA for 20 odd years and had the first 5th wheeler in the club this is my 6th 5th wheeler and have had 6 motorhomes, but this one frustrates me because there is no wiring diagram to be obtained anywhere or so it seems.
        Anyway mate love your site and will keep in touch.
        Bert and Kerri Winters.

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  6. Hello to all the above. My husband and I are thinking of buying a fifth wheeler (first one)….yah!!!! Sounds like the Ultima are out of the question. Why don’t they take their old posts down (angry face). Could we get some feedback from you all regarding your thoughts as to good fifth wheelers to consider?
    Many thanks

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      • Hi there. Thank you. We have spoken to Spectrum RV about their new fifth wheelers they are building in America all ready for Australian conditions and specs. We hope to see one in Oct or November when it gets here.
        As I said, we are new to the fifth wheeler scene although have been caravaners for may years. Do you find at any stage the fifth wheeler is too big or high to go somewhere?
        And what about caravan parks (try to avoid as much as possible)?

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  7. Hi Tracey, while the 5th wheeler is higher and longer than most caravans, with a walk around most caravan parks usually finds a spot that we can fit in, but not always. The biggest thing you have to watch out for before you buy your 5th wheeler is weight. Do your homework before you spend your money and make sure you get the 5th wheeler weighed before you buy it. All extras add to the weight. I have just upgraded my ute as I was very limited to what I could take with me.


  8. Hi Tracey, after many years planning to have a 5th Wheeler built to our spec I finally found Mountain Craft in Mount Beauty. Paul is a craftsman that does everything by himself. It might take him a little longer to get it made but the end product is impeccable. Our 7 metre unit is almost complete and we have been able to visit and check out every stage.

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