Trips To The Mainland

Queensland 2011

Queensland 2012

Queensland 2013

Queensland 2015

Queensland 2016

Easiest Way from The Spirit to the Hume Hwy via Western Ring Road

There are several ways from Station Pier out of Melbourne. I avoid the Toll roads and usually head north to get on the Western Ring Road. You can then just exit at whatever highway you need if not heading towards the Hume Hwy.

I have added a link to a map to get you over the Westgate Freeway onto the Western Ring Road.

Leaving the Spirit, Heading for the Hume Hwy

Westgate Freeway to the “Spirit of Tasmania”

A link to return to the Spirit from the Westgate Freeway as well as Ashley Gardens and Western Ring Road. Click on the “ticks” to turn individual routes on and off. It makes it a little easier to see.

I have added a short route off the Citylink toll road on the map above. There are a couple of ways your GPS may take you. This option shows you looking at the Montague St Bridge, a bridge with only a 3.0m clearance. The route to the ferry turns right just before the bridge. It is sign posted as one of the ways to the ferry. If you use the Burnley Tunnel you can come in this way as well, so there is no need to worry if you are prepared

Hume Highway to Ashley Gardens

Hume Highwy to Ashley Gardens

The entrance to Ashley Gardens is easier if turning left into the entrance as you must cross a continuous white line if turning right if you come directly off Ballarat Rd. You can click on the box on left of each route to toggle each route on or off. We have only used the Ballarat Rd option as we believe it is easier to navigate, but it is longer. GPS may want to take you on an alternative route unless you add Ballarat Rd as a waypoint.

Parking in Melbourne and Some camping spots close to Devonport Terminal

I would recommend not to get there too early. Check out the map I have added. There is plenty of free parking along Williamstown Rd, only 5 mins away from the “Spirit” and would be the less stressful with a large caravan. Next would be in the residential areas. I have parked here last time I came home with a 5th wheeler. It is a little tight but it is pretty quiet and virtually no traffic. Park up for an hour and make a cup of coffee. Don’t head towards the pier until after 5.00pm for a 7.00pm sailing. There will be plenty of time to board. There is also some freedom camping spots in Tassie on the map.

The low Montague is also highlighted on this map.

Play with this map

I have added a map below that you can play with and edit. You won’t hurt anything. You will probably need a Google account and be logged in to make changes.

I have added a short video to help you create a Google Account  It is fairly straight forward.

This map can be editted.  Leave a comment and let me know if this worked or was of no help at all.

A link to another page on my blog  for some more help in making and saving maps


2 thoughts on “Trips To The Mainland

  1. Thanks for the info. Will study them all. Will be coming in from west over Westgate Bridge. Will go western direction when returning. Thanks Chris. Looking forward to it. Have another friend sailing on same. She has a Swagman Motorhome and car trailer. Someone suggested coming off bridge to stay in outside lane of the two when exiting if you need turning room. Then get left .

    Liked by 1 person

    • I use inside lane and cross over the white line. Use both lanes, do it carefully and signal your intentions early. I hog the white line early and then cross it at last moment. Most of the time you will be given enough room, the truckies certainly will. I hope you and your friend can come to a Devil Wheelers meeting, we will make you welcome. I will miss October, November meeting as my work roster was changed, but I will be at the December Christmas meeting in Devonport.


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