Bucca Hotel Day 2

A morning walk was attended by 4 campers from 7.30am to to get the blood flowing and the joints moving, as a scavenger hunt had been organised for 10.30am.

The scavenger hunt was around the back roads of Bucca and we made our way to Bucca where we all joined up for lunch. Everyone was laughing at each other as everyone had been backtracking after getting lost or had missed a clue. After lunch everyone made their way back to Bucca to tally up their scores and see what treasures had been collected. The banter back at camp over happy hour suggested we all had a good day as everyone revealed how they had (or hadn’t) interpretted the clues that had been provided.

We all then met in the hotel beer garden for our evening meal. The Bucca Hotel is a typical outback pub with lots of quirky memorabilia on display for all to check out.

Bucca 10 25%



2 thoughts on “Bucca Hotel Day 2

  1. Had a fun day on car hunt, lots of laughs and of course we got lost a couple of times, weather been great and good company


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